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Jonathon Durno is a South African artist and programmer who works in various mediums, including video, soundscapes, drawings, and new media. He works at the intersection of code and form, meaning and aesthetic, and is keenly interested in the harmonious interplay of patterns in the natural world.

These cyclical patterns, repetitions, rhythms, and recurring themes found in the natural order he regards as echoes and reflections of a greater meta-narrative. His personal symbology is a distillation of these patterns and representational types – an exploratory process in which he seeks to funnel this meta-narrative into a language of meaning punctuated with symbols.

He employs charcoal, a form of carbon, as a medium by which to express his own finitude, and inserts himself into his videos as a type of the originator, artist, and designer – an echo of the reality that lies behind a dim reflection as expressed by the meta-narrative.

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