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Medium: Laser engraved wooden sculpture installation


Illuminate sits at the centre of the exhibition – an installation sculpture - like a tree in the middle of a dark forest. Greek, which is foundational to the scientific vocabulary, is engraved with concentrated light (laser) and revealed by the Alpha, the Light that anchors the core; Illuminated by Logos (the Word) – a Code inscribed in time. The symbols are etched in concentric circles following the growth rings of a tree – the expansion of the universe from a singularity.

The text engraved onto the logs is a poem I wrote, overlayed in expanding circles, without a
beginning or end. It translates as follows:

The past, encapsulated in a new set of rules,
Set in stone or decomposing
Wood shaped by the winds of change,
A permeating shadow follows the light cast upon my mind
A symbol, a tongue piercing to the recesses of my heart
In it all things are moved and held together,
Cutting through layers to the heart of matter
A progress from nothingness to resurrection,
Like the planting of a seed and the setting of the sun
Life precedes death, and death precedes life,
How great are the patterns